FUTURE Automatic 5D Fiber Endface Interferometer

FUTURE is the brand new Automatic Fiber End-face Interferometer developed by Dimension Technology, based on our know-how and experience on the fiber inspection instrument.FUTURE provides the comprehensive fiber end-face measurement functions, including 3D profile, auto focusing, auto calibration, auto APC angle tuning and auto end-face judgment. All testing and reporting can be finished in 1.5 second. New engineering on the structure design guarantees the anti-shocking capability and ultra long life of the fixture. FUTURE is the best choice in the market.

Main Features

  • Capable for both 3D profile and visual inspection
  • Auto focus and Auto calibration
  • 0~12ºAPC angle auto tuning
  • Self-adapted locking fixture
  • Quick measurement
  • Reliable data transmission
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