MT Pro Single/Multi-Channel Integrated Interferometer

MT Pro is a dual light source interferometer that integrates single and multiple cores. Combined with Dimension’s high-tech independently developed and patented optical system to increase the size of the inspection field of view, the multi-core uses non-contact white light scanning measurement, and the single-core is developed using the principle of red light coherence. It can quickly and automatically detect the index parameters of the 3D shape of the connector surface automatically and accurately, and display and save the measurement results. Equipped with a variety of high-performance testing fixtures, widely used in laboratories and manufacturing.

Main Features

  • Up to 1.5um image resolution
  • Quick measurement, 0.5s for Single fibre or 5s for 12 core MT High repeat-ability
  • High accuracy, calibrated with 0.1nm laser interferometer Ferrule frame mounting
  • Compatible with single to 72 fibre measurement
  • FOV 4.3*3.3mm, capable for 16 core MT measurement Auto focus and Auto measurement
  • Auto calibration with reference mirror
  • Quick switch between 0° and 8° fixtures
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