Multi-channel polarity IRL

The current insertion and return loss meters on the market can only test the insertion loss and return loss, the polarity measurement can not be synchronously resulted for multiple optical fibers.

Dimension Technology’s polarity insertion return loss tester has completed the three-in-one automatic test of multi-core optical fiber IL, RL, and polarity through innovative design and technology. The device has not only be able to measure the polarity of the simplex fiber, but also has a polarity learning function, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces equipment investment costs, and guarantees IL under the premise of improving efficiency. .Reliability and accuracy of RL measurements.

Main Features

  • RL mandrel-free, IL, RL and polarity detection, single channel test time as low as 1.5S
  • Support various optical devices to test fiber polarity
  • Three-in-one automatic test of mpo fiber IL.RL and polarity
  • Save work stations and increase production and test efficiency by more than 6 times
  • Abundant and interchangeable, high-reliability detector adapter connectors
  • Support PC segment control software, automatically save test data reports, and support remote network control
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