Nano care 1 white light interference –Non-contact 3D surface profiler

Main Features

  • High stability measurement: non-contact, high stability and high speed measurement using optical interference technology;
  • High-precision measurement: optical resolution : 0.4um;
  • Large-area measurement: automatic stitching technology realizes large-area high-precision measurement;
  • Unique special light source mode: it can be widely used for measuring the surface of various precision devices from smooth to rough
  • The measurement parameters cover a wide range: the flatness, roughness, waviness, surface profile, surface defects, wear, corrosion, pore gap, step height, bending deformation of the surface of various products, components and materials. Measure and analyze surface topography features such as processing conditions;
  • Complete software functions: integrated measurement and analysis software, automatic multi-area measurement function, batch measurement, automatic focus, automatic brightness adjustment, etc.;
  • Wide application range: measure the surface microstructure of various types of samples;
  • Excellent cost performance: maintenance-free , excellent performance-price ratio.
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