New fiber elbow adapter

In order to meet various requirements of fiber endface inspection, Dimension designed a variety of endface inspection adapters according to different types of fiber connector, different component structures and different application scenarios. With the further extension of the application of optical network technology, the traditional straight adapter can no longer meet the requirements of special application scenarios. In order to meet the requirements of fiber endface inspection in different structures and special application scenarios, a series of 70 degree elbow adapter were designed and published by Dimension. They are compatible with all Dimension handheld device, have a slim metal structure and can rotate 360 degrees, are flexible and easy to use, and can easily solve the inspection problem for special optical fiber connector, bringing unprecedented convenience to users.

Main Features

  • Exclusive 70 degree elbow adapter, accessibility to use
  • 360 degrees rotate
  • Slim metal body
  • Compatible with all handheld devices
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