Optical Switch

Optical switch has an irreplaceable important role in all automated optical test system. It’s the core device to realize multiple objects testing and automated testing for various optical parameters, can avoid measurement uncertainty in multiple insertion and plug-pull of optical connectors. Dimension offers a series of high-performance OSW optical switch modules for automation testing systems. These modules fit well in laboratories and in high standard manufacturing environments, applied together with Dimension’s universal test platform, it can automatically route optical signals under program control, enabling parallel measurements for multiple optical channels and multiple optical components, significantly reducing the test time. So as to improve the total efficiency of testing procedures and reduce the overall cost.

Main advantages

  • Programmable, multi-switch between time, button and software control
  • Low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss and high channel consistency
  • High repeatability with service life more than 10 million times
  • Short switching time, less than 30ms
  • Platform + module design
  • Support multiple control methods such as remote control
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