PLC-IRL test system

As a key optical device for the construction of an optical passive network, the traditional factory still uses the methods of welding optical fiber, making connection joints, winding test and so on to test the relevant performance. This method has low production efficiency and cumbersome testing links, which can no longer meet the current market demand for PLC devices. Dimension in order to solve the disadvantages of traditional PLC production methods, a special test system for PLC testing is developed. Based on the optical time domain reflection principle, the system can complete the performance test of PLC devices only through the docking of optical fiber V-slot. This scheme can greatly improve the accuracy of measurement and the production efficiency of manufacturers.

Main Features

  • The test does not require welding or making connector
  • IL can be measured at the same time, and RL can be measured in both directions
  • The software UI is simple, easy to use, data can be recorded in real time
  • Optical fiber docking parameters are displayed in real time to ensure the accuracy of the test
  • Suitable for 16, 32, 64, 128 PLC
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