SANA MINI Fiber Endface Interferometer

SANA mini is a portable, non contact fiber endface interferometer developed by dimension for single fiber connector. The interferometer has a very high performance while the size of the instrument is incredible small. SANA mini need only a USB link to work without any external power supplies. It can test the geometry parameters of single fiber connectors such as radius of curvature, apex offset and fiber height. The data and report are generated in excel format and very helpful in management and analysis. SANA mini is a suitable interferometer for field usage.

Main Features

  • Portable fiber endface interferometer
  • 1 USB needed to provide data link and power supply
  • Auto centering fiber
  • 2s need for single measurement
  • Bare fiber and bare ferrule measurement
  • Easy PC /APC changing
  • Series of fixtures
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