Universal Optical Test Platform

Automation testing for optical manufacturing can effectively improve the production efficiency and reduce production costs, the multi-application programmable universal optical test platform, is the ideal solution for optical manufacturing automation testing system. Dimension Universal Optical Test Platform, provides a whole set of multi-application optical test solutions for laboratories and high standard manufacturing enterprises. It provides dual-slot ALPHA test platform and 11-slot OMEGA test platform 2 forms, innovatively adopts the architecture of core board + backplane + functional test module slot, the core board communicates the functional test module via standard USB protocol. The platform can seamlessly compatible with various optical test modules, to realize one-stop automated testing of multiple performances for optical devices.

Main Features

  • Separate design of hardware architecture
  • Platform + module design, multi-application and scalable
  • Hot Plug-pull
  • Multiple control methods
  • Rich slots
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